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Yakima Bait SpinFish | Double Trouble; 4 in.

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A Yakima Bait SpinFish lure is designed to spin and disperse scent as it is pulled through the water. Rig a SpinFish to spin clockwise or counterclockwise � just re-thread your leader through the opposite hole in the lure lip. While more of a trolling plug, the non-buoyant design of the Yakima SpinFish lure allows you to play them in river currents and even back-troll down rivers behind a diver or weight. Load several SpinFish lures with different bait scents, and you can swap out trolling lures instantly. Yakima's patented bait/scent-holding trolling plug offers a pull-apart, easy-fill scent-dispersing bait chamber to add any fresh or live bait upon which baitfish prey. Popular prepared bait scents work, too. If you typically fish with bait only, you know how annoying it can be to miss a bite and constantly check lines. Avoid the hassle, keep your line in the water with the SpinFish UV trolling plug, and keep pulling! When pulled through the water and filled with bait, the Yakima Spin Fish plug vibrates and spins to mimic wounded-baitfish action. Want something different in a trolling lure? The Yakima Baits SpinFish is a lure-and-bait combination that can pull in bigger fish! Patented bait/scent-holding trolling plug fish devour'Easy-fill,' pull apart bait chamber disperses enticing scentRig to spin clockwise or counterclockwise, creating the vibrating spinning actionProtective UV overcoatPre-rigged w/30 lb. fluorocarbonCan be rigged 36-to-60 inches behind a conventional sinker, 18-to-42 inches behind dodgers or rotating flashersYakima SpinFish 3.0 and Yakima SpinFish 4.0 sizes:3' length, 0.210 oz. with two single #1/0 hooks4' length. 0.420 oz, with two single #3/0 hooksQty. per Pack: 1 Spinfish and 2 hooks