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Chemical Guys Clay And Clay Block Lube/Detailer 16oz Block Lube/Detailer

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For detail-savvy guys like you, improving your clay bar technique and usage only means using the best formula to complement each stroke you make. Introducing the Chemical Guys Clay And Clayblock Lube Detailer, a non-caustic formula that is comprised of synthetic wetting agents and slick lubricants that help in creating a non-stick, lubricated surface increasing the efficacy of your clay bar's ability to attract dirt from the surface you're working on. It also helps in keeping your trail clean, keeping the clay bar's integrity intact, and preserving its service lifespan. Get that scratch-less shine with your clay bar easily with the impressive formula of the Chemical Guys Clay And Clayblock Lube Detailer.

Established in 1968, Chemical Guys worked its way through its competitors before becoming a household staple for automotive enthusiasts, both local and international. Chemical Guys offers a massive line of premium car-care products, including but not limited to waxes, hybrid coatings, sealants, cleaner solutions, fabrics, and assortment of tools that can make your tender lovin' car care days easier and enjoyable. When it's time to buff out and bring out that superior shine, you know who to turn to: the Chemical Guys, they are the best in the business because they only want the best for you.