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Ammunition Sales to California and New York

 Ammunition Sales to California and New York

Due to State law, all ammunition going to California and New York must ship to a licensed FFL Dealer.
When checking out, if you agree to have the ammunition shipped to a licensed FFL Dealer and have confirmed with them that they will accept the ammunition, then just continue with your order as usual, or else return to your Shopping Cart and remove the restricted products. Any fees charged by the dealer are your responsibility and will not be paid by The General Store. We are not able to take backorders on ammunition shipping California or New York.
Once you have placed the order, you can select where you want the ammunition shipped. If you have multiple items in your order and not all are restricted, the items shipping directly to you will ship at the same time as the restricted items.
To find a FFL, hit up search sites like this.
I usually email my FFL this format when I order from a new place that doesn't have him on file. Then they email me back once they've sent it.

Hello FFL DOE, good morning.

I will be receiving ammunition from The General Store.

Please send a signed copy of your FFL to the following email info@generalstorespokane.com  referencing my order number, #1234578 and full name as BUYER DOE.

Please do email me back when the information has been sent to them, or CC me in the email.

Thank you.

So basically in this order
  1. Find FFL that will accept ammo or firearm for a low fee
  2. Find ammo store online that is willing to ship ammo to California FFL to transfer to you
  3. Place order on ammo site
  4. Email FFL to send his FFL info to ammo site referencing your order number
  5. Ammo site confirms receipt of FFL information and ships to your FFL
  6. Track package, once at FFL, call FFL to ask when is a convenient time to head over
  7. Head to FFL, do background check, pay, leave with ammo