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Odyssey Toys Atlantia Boat

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Odyssey Toys shares your passion for aquatic life, which is why they created the Atlantia Boat. Simply inflate this sturdy portable boat and slide the 2 motors into their designated spaces. Then put some drinks in the cooler section, grab the paddle, slide your feet into the holes and then take it out for a relaxing spin out on a lake, river, or the bay! Row your boat gently down a stream with Atlantia, a groundbreaking inflatable boat that lets you navigate your favorite aquatic environment. This easy-to-use inflatable boat offers the stability, safety, and versatility of a regular-sized boat at an affordable cost. There are 2 inflation points on the seating area and floatation area, with each section independently holding air. The key feature of the Atlantia is its relatively lightweight design, allowing you the opportunity to store it in your trunk and take it just about anywhere. You’ll also be impressed by its durability. The device measures around 8 x 8 ft., making it big enough for a single person to comfortably sit and operate. The inflatable boat is powered by 2 dynamic motors and each 1 fits snugly into designated straps on both sides of the boat. The 24-volt battery generates up to 2 hours of battery life, giving you plenty of time to cruise around a river, enjoy mild whitewater rafting, or just take in the sights and sounds of a nice rowing session around calm lakes and bays. There’s even a cooler area included, an ideal place to put ice to keep drinks cold or even stash some fish you may have caught! Features. Inflates to 8 ft. long x 3.5 ft. wide; Lightweight and portable; Dual motor powered; 24-volt battery lasts for up to 2 hours of continuous use; Includes inflatable cooler cover, carry bag, inflating pump with hose and adapter, charging cable, two 24-volt DC boat motors, 2 motor controllers, 2 paddle tips, 2 paddle pole connectors, 4 paddle pole sections, and 6 motor mounting straps.